Free Comic Book Day 2012 at Sky High
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All of the awesome cosplay footage we took at WonderCon 2012, featured right here, special thanks to all the guys and girls willing to dress up, great costumes and great job!

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WonderCon 2012 Coverage Part 1/4 for

Check out the 1st of 4 parts of coverage we took for of WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, California, considered by many to be the little sister of ComicCon International, which is held annually in San Diego, California; it’s held a bit further north than ComicCon, and a bit earlier in the year, to a bit smaller crowd. That withstanding, WonderCon had plenty of bang for it’s buck, with it’s annual Trailer Park, a series of panels previewing movies that will be released in the summer, and this year was no exception with soon-to-be hit movies releasing trailers, like Prometheus with Ridley Scott and Charlize Theron paneling in person, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Amazing Spiderman, Resident Evil 5 with Mila Jovavich in person, and there were even some early viewings of entire films, like Superman vs The Elites, which won’t be available until June. And this is all happening on top of one of the largest convention halls in California with shops, artist booths, big name industry staples like DC and Marvel, video game companies like Nintendo and Namco, plenty of stuff to stare at for 3 days. I highly recommend this convention to anyone in California or nearby, for only $40 you got a full 3 day pass, which is steal compared to most conventions, so check it out when it comes back next year, I know I will.

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The Quest Season 2 Episode 4: Where's Bruce?

Episode 4: Where's Bruce?

The Crimson Blur deals with his first escaped Volver from Vector Labs. Thanks to Bruce Balbowski, they are now able to access a dimensional portal that opens up the V-Sector.

While Bruce is showing off, he triggers an unwanted V-Portal which leads us to the question…Where’s Bruce?

Starring (in order of appearance) :

Amelia Propati as Igniter

Colin Bass as Colin Banks/Crimson Blur

Alex Ralston as Hinoken

Sean Swanson as Bruce Balbowski

Randy Ralston as Cameraman, Jade Sorcerer

Brett Mason as Diesel

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Bonus: WonderCon 2012 trip has been officially confirmed

Today came the final confirmations of our professional passes here at Crimson Vision Studios for WonderCon 2012, and we’re very excited! We’re planning a bunch of material that we’ll be posting the evenings of the convention, and we’ll be getting a bunch of exclusive peeks at some of this year’s hottest entertainment items:


The Hobbit, Amazing Spiderman, and Resident Evil 5 to name a few, on top of all the really cool stalls and booths we’ll have access too. Best of all we’re planning a really cool skit to do in the middle of the convention hall on Saturday, so if you’re in or near Anaheim, California, feel free to come on down to the Anaheim Convention Center March 16-18, tickets will still be available at the door, pre-orders are still available at a discount even, so stop by and keep an eye out for Diesel, Jade Sorcerer, Bruce Balbowski and Crimson Blur!


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The Quest Season 2 Episode 3: Volver Outbreak

Episode 3: Volver OutbreakCrimson Blur has to thwart a robbery at work without revealing his powers. After dealing with that, upon arriving home he finds a much more burning problem…

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"Volver Outbreak" premieres on February 27th, so get ready!
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Bonus: Create-a-volver contest and new Comic Booked store

Only 4 days until the next episode, didn’t that just fly on by?? Let’s get down to business. Working with our parent company, Comic Booked, we started a new contest, the best one we’ve done yet: Create a superhero to be featured in The Quest web series!


All the rules for participation can be found here:
We don’t have an end date on the contest yet, but the earlier you get your entries in, the better.

Also happening at our parent company, they’ve opened a new internet store on their website, it’s definitely a one-stop shop for all of your comic book-related needs

New Comic Booked store:

Once again, Episode 3: Volver Outbreak will be here in 4 short days, stay tuned in, later.
- Randy

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Episode 3: Volver Outbreak will be out February 27th

Thanks to everyone who checked out Episode 2: Shadow Blur, we set a new site traffic record, really cool, thanks guys!

And even more good news: we’re ahead of schedule on Episode 3: Volver Outbreak, so it’ll be here in 2 short weeks on Monday February 27th, mark your calendars.

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Update: Episode 3: Outbreak will be out February 27th
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